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Folder Focus: POWUR

World's first virtual solar energy company needed custom folders and found Folderprinters to be the only printer who could meet their timeline.


April 11, 2023

Image of Powur's custom folders

Renewable energy is one of — along with genomics and artificial intelligence — the current exciting fields, and wave of the future that will have a positive impact on humanity on a grand scale . As such, anything we do that Is related to those pursuits excites us. Which is why a custom presentation folder project we completed for Powur piqued our interest.

Aside from from being a revolutionary solar company and online platform, the other factor that caught our attention is the look of their folders which perfectly applied fundamental design principles. We were so impressed that we included it in our blog about how to design folders.

We reached out to Powur’s Director of Marketing Operations Eric Dennis to learn how folders for into the operations of a company that is the world's first virtual solar energy company.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your company and its services or specialty.

ERIC DENNIS: Founded in 2014, California-based Powur PBC is on a mission to accelerate the adoption of solar energy worldwide. As the first 100% virtual, residential solar company in the cloud, Powur operates an innovative platform model, enabling it to scale quickly and meet the demands of an ever-expanding solar landscape.

The company’s model ensures that Powur is able to provide affordable and customized solar solutions to homeowners while empowering its network of thousands of independent sales professionals and regionally specialized installation partners.

Powur is the fastest growing national residential solar company. With more than a 1,000% year-over-year growth in 2020, a spot of 43 on Inc 5000 list in 2022, and two record-breaking crowdfunding rounds in 2017 and 2021, Powur is poised to continue to break records in helping homeowners choose clean, reliable energy and empower sales professionals and installers thrive in the solar industry leveraging its innovative platform.

FPW: Who are your main customers?

ED: Powur serves multiple stakeholders including independent sales professionals, solar installation partners, and homeowners. The Powur platform connects these stakeholders together to provide affordable and customized clean energy solutions with a mission to accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable energy.

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing/selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

ED: Folders are a marketing tool that we provide to independent sales professionals when they meet with prospective homeowners to sell new solar projects.

FPW: Is it just for administrative purposes?

ED: The last folders ordered were for a tradeshow. We packaged our sales collateral into folders to showcase our new marketing collateral.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

ED: Business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Does they work?

ED: They were fantastic for displaying our collateral at the tradeshow.

FPW: Who designs your folders?

ED: We have an in-house design team.

You were the only printer who could achieve our timeline.

— Eric Dennis

FPW: Do you know if your competition also employ the same type of folders?

ED: I'm not sure.

FPW: Are these your first professionally printed folders? What made you decide to go with Folderprinters?

ED: No. But I chose Folderprinters due to your ability to print this on very short notice for a tradeshow.

FPW: Did you look at other folder sellers’ websites? What made you choose us?

ED: Yes. Your quick turnaround time. You were the only printer who could achieve our timeline.

Back cover of Powur's custom presentation folder
Back cover of Powur's custom presentation folder

FPW: What was your experience using the website? Was it easy to use?

ED: I found your website very easy to use and your team very helpful and friendly.

FPW: Did you easily find the product you were looking for?

ED: Yes.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

ED:The folders met our expectations. Thanks for the great quality, and friendly staff that was very eager to help us in crunch time.

Our Takeaway

Amidst the decades-long pronouncements and prognostications that all forms of communication will, by now, be mostly digital, Powur’s use of presentation folders is proof that some things are still better in analog. Indeed, as a medium, printed items connect better with our brains, thereby making it easier for your recipients to absorb, accept, and recall your message.

Powur Solar Panel Roof
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