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CD Sleeve Printing

CD Sleeve Printing
Download Free CD Sleeve
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Download Free CD Sleeve Custom Templates
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  • Replication Includes Full Color CD Printing 
  • High Quality CD Replication Services 
  • Two Sizes of CD Covers to Choose From 
  • Optional Shrink Wrapping Available 
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Our CD Replication Services are state-of-the-art. We have over 20 years of experience doing CD Replication which means it will be done right the first time everytime. Add that to our high quality CD Sleeve Printing, you can be certain that your music is in good hands. Choose our 5 x 5" Basic CD Sleeve design or if you want to make more of an impression, try our 5 x 5.375" Folded CD Sleeve design.

We only offer CD Replication Services at this time, CD Duplication Services will not typically produce as fine of a product.  For your convenience when you download the CD Sleeve Templates you will get these 3 template options: CD Sleeve Template Illustrator, CD Sleeve Template Indesign, CD Sleeve Template Quark. Use the CD Sleeve template in your preferred format. is an expert at CD Replication Services and CD Sleeve Printing. Plus we back up all of our CD Replication Services and printing with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Have a custom CD Sleeve and Replication project? We have worked with some of the top acts in the world to produce innovative and artistic CD packaging. Our eco-packaging designs for music CD covers will inspire you and best of all they are often less expensive than a traditional jewel case.

For more information call (866) 9-FOLDERS (866) 936-5337.



  Reg: $369.00
  Now: $332.10
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Disc Replication and Printing 
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  Reg: $369.00
  Now: $332.10

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