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Folder Printers Custom Presentation Folder Printing
Folder Printers Custom Presentation Folder Printing



How can I get an estimate?

  • Check out our video on "How to create an estimate".
  • You can also call us at (866) 936-5337 and one of our helpful staff will be more than happy to help create a custom estimate over the phone just for you.


Do you have templates to choose from?

  • We have many templates to choose from. Everything from your basic presentation folder template to
    pre-designed templates waiting for your logo and copy.

Standard Blank Templates:

Pre-Designed Presentation Folder templates:


When do I receive the online proof?

  • In most cases we will email you a PDF proof for approval within 4 hours when you select Online Proof (PDF). These PDF proofs are free and unlimited. You can reject art and upload new art as many times as necessary for no additional charge. If your order is color critical, we recommend that you purchase a high resolution hard copy proof. This proof will show you what the printed piece will look like in terms of color. As part of any Presentation Folder order we will do up to 30 minutes of FREE artwork prep to insure that it will fit properly on our templates and print at a high quality.

How do I get the art work to you?

  • When you place your order online, the final step is to to upload your file(s). We have made this a simple drag and drop feature. Once the files have been uploaded hit the done button and your order will have beensuccessfully uploaded to our server.

What is your turnaround time?

  • All turnaround times are based on business days, Monday through Friday and excluding all holidays. Turnaround represents the time required to produce your job before it ships. This does not include shipping or transit time. Turnaround times begin once you have placed an order for a job, uploaded artwork to that job, and approved the online PDF proof. The job must be approved by 12 noon for that day to count in the production time. Example: If a new order is placed on a Monday and the artwork is approved that same day by 12 noon PST, it will ship on that Friday under a normal 5 day turnaround. Please note: if the artwork is found to have issues that will affect the print quality, your job will be placed on hold until the issues are resolved. Once issues are resolved, the turnaround time will start over from that point.
  • If you have a deadline and just can not wait, we also offer 2 day, 1 day and same day turnaround.


What is the difference between "foil 1 position" and "foil 2 positions"?

  • "foil 1 position" is just that, a single positon foil such as your logo or a block of text.
  • "foil 2 positions" accurse when you use two colors of foil. Separate dies are made for each color, this is a foil 2 position. You can also have a single color foil 2 position by spreading out the foil in a distance from each other such as a logo at the top of the presentation folder and a block of text on the bottom of the folders. Also a foil on the front and a foil on the back or pocket would be considered a foil 2 position.


What format should artwork be submitted in?

  • To start off, we prefer to have your files set up on one of out templates but if you have designed your folder on your own template we can check it and lay it out to fit our templates.
  • As far as file formats go, we accept Adobe Illustrator files, InDesign files, Adobe Photoshop files (Images should be 300dpi and text should be at 600dpi), we also accept Print ready PDF files. Now, if you are not sure what you have will work or you just want us to check your files, upload your files through our file check link, where we will check your files and get back to you letting you know if your files will work or if there may be issues and what can be done to rectify any potential problems with your file.


How do I upload my logo and get a proof?


Is there an artwork fee or a set-up fee for presentation folders?

  • As part of any Presentation Folder order we will do up to 30 minutes of FREE artwork prep to insure that it will fit properly on our templates and print at a high quality.


HOW fast can I get it done?

  •  *See What is your turnaround time?

Can you print on the inside of the folder?


What would the shipping charge be?

  • Shipping is calculated based on delivery location and the method you require.
  • We offer:
    • Ground
    • 2 Day
    • Next Day
    • Will Call
    • We can also use your UPS account if you prefer.
  • To calculate your shipping cost, we recommend that you register on our site. This will allow you to put in the address you would like your package(s) delivered. From this address our shipping calculator will take your State and Zip code and calculate your shipping cost based on one of the 5 methods you choose above. To recalculate your shipping cost based on any of the other 4 methods, simply pull down on the drop down method under SHIP METHOD, and it will recalculate based on the new shipping method you requested.
  • You can also call us at (866) 936-5337 and one of our helpful staff will be more than happy to help you calculate your shipping cost.


Do you produce and print locally or is the printing outsourced?

  • We love this question and are proud to say that is the printer and manufacturer. Your folder is produced in our 25,000 square foot printing and manufacturing facility here in Los Angeles, California.


Do you print 6” x 9” folders?

  • We do print 6" x 9" folders as well. You can request a single pocket or two pocket folder. To get a quote or to order a 6" x 9" folder, click on our Standard 9x12 Folders link. Once there you will see our calculator on the right hand side of our web page. Under the drop down menu for Finished Size you will see 9x12 and 6x9. Select 6x9 and our calculator will calculate based on the 6x9 folder size.


Can you send me samples?

  • We are more than happy to send you a free sample packet. In this packet you will receive samples of the various stocks and coatings in the various weights and finishes we produce here at If you are looking for a particular sample such as a capacity folder or a folder with stitched inserts or a specific size such as a 6 x 9 of a key card holder, just ask and we will be sure to get it into your customized sample packet. Click here to request your free sample packet.



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