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Leading antibody developer and manufacturer utilizes multiple colorful folder designs as part of their strategy to deliver their message and attract customers.


June 20, 2023

Composite image of Bioss Anitbodies' folders superimposed on laboratory table.

In a previous blog featuring Powur, we shared how we at Foldeprinters are especially elated whenever we produce folders for a handful of industries we consider to be tremendously impactful in improving the human condition, society in general and the planet. Which is why several versions of folders for one company caught our attention. Our interest was further piqued upon learning that it is for a leading company in one of the aforementioned admirable industries: Biological Sciences.

The company: Bioss Antibodies.

Being a a leading national manufacturer custom presentation folders that has seen thousands of designs, this was so atypical to us that — with the aim of improving our understanding of how different industries utilize presentation folders — we just had to learn more. So we reached out to Ashley Schafer, sales specialist for Bioss Antibodies.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your company ororganization and it’s services or specialty.

ASHLEY SCHAFER: Bioss manufactures and sells research-grade antibodies. In addition to our antibodies, we offer proteins, ELISA kits, IHC kits and other life science products. Our mission is to support the advancement of scientific knowledge and discovery by providing top-quality tools and resources for global life science research.

At Bioss, we are proud to be part of a community dedicated to improving the world through scientific research. We recently opened The Bioss’ Charity Store, where every purchase made goes towards Inspiring Scientific Discovery. Learn more here.

FPW: What makes you stand out or differentiates you from your competition?

AS: Bioss’ catalog consists of more than 12,000 primary antibodies and more than 300,000 derived products, which are backed by a one-year money back or replacement guarantee! We also offer trial sizes, current promotions and fast delivery to support our customers' work. Aside from our strong customer support, what makes Bioss stand out are our bright colors and fun promotional materials!

FPW: Are folders in any way a part of it?

AS: Our folders are bright and colorful, which helps us stand out and draws many people to our booth at shows and conferences!

Not only do people like the bright colors and design of our folders, but they also like the convenience of being able to easily find their research area of interest and the products that are most relevant for their work.

— Ashley Schafer

FPW: Who are your main customers?

AS: Our main customers are researchers at hospitals, universities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We ship directly to our customers within the United States and our distributors ship to our international customers in more than 50 countries.

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing/selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

AS: Our folders are used for marketing/promotional purposes primarily at vendor shows and conferences. We have an extensive catalog of products across a variety of research areas and our folders help showcase several of the research areas we cover including cell biology, cancer, neuroscience and more!

FPW: Has there been a particular instance (or instances) wherein folders helped in your goal? If so please share any anecdotes.

AS: Our bright, colorful folders are displayed at conferences and vendor shows, which helps attract potential customers to our booth. People love the bright colors and overall design of our folders. Inside each folder is a list of popular protein targets for each research area, which is a convenient resource to help researchers easily find the products they are looking for.

FPW: Is it just for administrative purposes?

AS: Our folders have the Bioss logo printed on the front and are used as part of our marketing and promotional materials.

FPW: When do you hand them out?

AS: Our folders are given out at vendor shows and conferences across the United States. We also provide them to our distributors for international events that they attend.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

AS: Inside each folder is a list of popular protein targets for each research area, which highlights the products that are most relevant for each topic.

We chose Folderprinters because of the fast turnaround time and great reviews!

— Ashley Schafer

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Do they work?

AS: Not only do people like the bright colors and design of our folders, but they also like the convenience of being able to easily find their research area of interest and the products that are most relevant for their work.

FPW: In this digital, internet age, why use analog presentation folders?

AS: People have shared that they find the folders useful and enjoy having them to help stay organized at work or school.

Image of Tio Chuy's dealerhsip lot

FPW: Who designs your folders?

AS: Our folders are designed by our marketing team! Recently, we updated the cover of each folder with a stippled drawing from an artist we teamed up with!

FPW: What was your aesthetic philosophy and / or aim in coming up with the final design.

AS: Our goal was to have a simple and minimal design. We also wanted the folders to be bright, colorful and eye-catching!

FPW: Do you know if your competition also employ the same type of folders?

AS: We have not seen anyone else with folders like ours. We consistently receive positive feedback from people at conferences and shows, including other vendors, about the style, design and usefulness!

FPW: Are these your first professionally printed folders? What made you decide to go with Folderprinters?

AS: We chose Folderprinters because of the fast turnaround time and great reviews!

FPW: Did you look at other folder sellers’ websites? What made you choose us?

AS: We did look at other sellers' websites, but Folderprinters had an easy to use website as well as a fast turnaround time and great reviews!

FPW: What was your experience using the website? Was it easy to use?

AS: The Folderprinters website was easy to use!

FPW: Did you easily find the product you were looking for?

AS: We easily found the product we were looking for on the Folderprinters website.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

AS: We're very happy with how the folders came out! The final product met our expectations and is high-quality. We will definitely order from Folderprinters again!

Bioss’ colorful custom presentation folders on display at a trade show along with other marketing materials.

Bioss’ colorful custom presentation folders and other marketing materials on display at a trade show.

Our Takeaway

Two things stood out to us about Bioss’ folders. First, that the color and vibrant designs are a departure from the usual staid looks of most companies involved in such a highly technical and esoteric field. This makes them more noticeable and gives them a pleasant image.

Second, it validates our belief that no matter how pioneering and technologically advanced a company may be, some things in human nature stay the same. In this case, that people will always be attracted to, be more receptive and accepting of a medium that is tangible and visually attractive.