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Highly regarded dental practice trusts Folderprinters for first professionally printed custom presentation folders.


May 17, 2022

Peach Orthodontics Presentation Pocket Folders

Dental and oral health undeniably play a crucial part in our overall well-being. According to a study by the American Dental Association (ADA), 97% of Americans do value oral health. Beyond its obvious importance in the performance of regular bodily functions such as food consumption, and living without the intolerable pain of toothaches, dental aesthetics is a major factor in our mental well-being; affecting our confidence and self-esteem, especially as it relates to personal interactions in social settings.

Even the ability to get a job interview can be impacted by the appearance of one’s teeth. Indeed, the same ADA survey revealed that 82% believe that straight bright sets of teeth help in getting ahead in life.

Vital as it is, many are still reluctant, even fearful, of going to the dentist. Furthermore, other than general routine procedures, patients also seek a highly credentialed and reputable dental practice to perform dental aesthetic work.

To be successful, a dental practice needs to conquer the twin challenges of attracting potential patients, then subsequently gaining their confidence. This would require the implementation of an all-encompassing and constantly improving marketing strategy.

To my knowledge, yes, our competition does use use presentation folders. It is therefore important that ours stand out . . .

— Allyson Yamaki-Rickheim

As a leading national manufacturer of custom presentation folders, we count dental offices as one of the many industries we serve. Among the recent projects that we’ve completed, one particular set of folders caught our attention: that of Peach Orthodontics, Dr. Patrick Brent Rickheim, a respected and highly regarded provider of orthodontic care to families, specializing in braces and Invisalign, in Post Falls, Idaho. Their well designed presentation folders prominently feature their logo, and makes use of bright, amiable colors.

Digging deeper, we visited their website and discovered that its overall look matched the folder design.

We were curious as to what role a seemingly trivial item such as a folder would play in a dental practice. So we interviewed Allyson Yamaki-Rickheim, office manager of of Peach Orthodontics, who told us, “We use the folders to give our new patients with their photos in them and information about our office.” How’s that for personal touch? She added, “They are a convenient walk out packet to be able to give to patients”.

Asked whether their competition also uses folders, Ms. Yamaki-Rickheim acknowledged, “To my knowledge, yes, our competition does use presentation folders. It is therefore important that ours stand out, both in aesthetically pleasing design and quality of construction.” She also shared that, “We have a talented graphic designer that we lean on for specialty graphic work”.

It was a pleasant surprise to find out that this happens to be their first professionally printed presentation folders. “We previously just had plain folders that we put out logo sticker on,” said Allyson. Yet another example of Peach Orthodontics' philosophy of constant improvement.

Peach Orthodontics Back Cover
Back cover of Peach Orthodontics' folder featuring accreditation, credentials, awards and recognitions.

In this step to a more professional looking folder, we wondered what made Peach Orthodontic go with Folderprinters. To which Allyson replied, “the organization and quality of your sample folder packet was very helpful with the folder paper types clearly labeled on the sample folders. This was a major factor in our decision to go with When it was time to place the order, we found the process to be straightforward and simple. From the product search, uploading our design files, all the way to payment, the website was easy to navigate and use.”

And because customer satisfaction is ultimately what matters, we asked Allyson if they were satisfied with our work. She then affirmed, “Yes, the printing quality and overall construction of the folders was good and they were delivered as we expected. We will use you again when needing to order again.”