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Folder Focus: MAISON, INC.

Design and branding expert for luxury design studio goes with Folderprinters to produce sophisticated custom folders after extensive search.


March 07, 2023

Composite image of presentation folder superimposed on tabletop in dining room designed by Maison, Inc.

Composite image of presentation folder superimposed on Tudor livingroom tabletop.
Livingroom image credit: Maison, Inc.

It would be a major red flag if the marketing materials and collaterals of a company involved in aesthetics or beautification were poorly designed and executed. One of those collaterals could be their custom presentation folders. As a leading national manufacturer of presentation folders, we are surprised at how often we see this incongruence between the business they are in — or the image they want to project — and the design of their folders.

One company that definitely cannot be flagged red (therefore green) is Maison Inc., a full-service luxury design studio in Portland, Oregon. Their custom black linen folders that feature gold foil and embossing exude elegance, and are perfect examples of well designed, sophisticated marketing collateral.

We reached out to them to learn more, and were pleasantly surprised to find out and make contact with Beth Ford, a design, branding, and marketing professional with Glib Communications & Design..

Pleasantly surprised because, to our minds, if a company full of designers cedes the graphic art work to an outside designer who is more well versed in the medium, it tells us that they truly care about coming up with an impressive piece.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your company/organization and it’s services.

BETH FORD: Maison, Inc. is in its 22nd year as one of the leading luxury interior, architecture and design studios in the Northwestern United States.

FPW: Who are your main customers?

BF: With headquarters and a beautiful retail space in Portland, Oregon, Maison, Inc. serves residential and commercial design clients throughout the Western US.

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing or selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

BF: The folders are used mostly by the Trade Program Team. They work with other northwest designers as a liaison for high-end manufacturers of fabric and furnishings.

FPW: Is it just for administrative purposes?

BF: The folders hold details about the products, invoices, samples, and more. The client receives — either by mail or in person — their materials supporting their transaction in the branded folder.

FPW: When do you hand them out?

BF: Often they leave a meeting with an introduction to the firm tucked into the beautiful black linen folders. They are also used for events as an elegant promotional piece.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Does it work?

BF: Yes! They have gotten lots of compliments!

I didn’t know whether I could get embossing, and foil stamp, and custom card slits, and black linen until I found Folderprinters.

— Beth C. Ford

FPW: In this digital, internet age, why use analog presentation folders?

BF: Maison,Inc Interior Design is a service based on high quality, long lasting, custom comfort and style. The folders, which include blind embossing and gold foil stamp, convey that by the way they feel in the recipients' hands. People keep them.

FPW: Who designs the folders?

BF: I do. I have been working with the firm for 20 years. I do all their branding, advertising, collateral and website design.

Photo showing detail of Maison's folder gold foil and embossing
Detail of Maison's folder's gold foil and embossing

FPW: What was your aesthetic philosophy or aim in coming up with the final design?

BF: I knew the look and feel they wanted. I didn’t know whether I could get embossing, AND foil stamp, AND custom card slits, AND black linen until I found Folderprinters

FPW: Do you know if your competition also employ the same type of folders?

BF: No, they don’t.

FPW: What made you go with Folderprinters to produce Maison, Inc's folders?

BF: I think what impressed me most was that when I called, an excellent individual actually answered the phone!! I work with online printers every day of the week. The customer service at Folderprinters was superior and refreshing!!

They were helpful and knowledgeable and accessible. THAT WAS HUGE FACTOR in my decision. I thought the price was right in line. And they offered the specific stock, quantities, and processes I was looking for.

I was sent samples right away of similar projects for evaluation. I got an accurate quote and all my questions answered. Working out how to fit the firm’s non-standard size business cards was key. Their advice to bump up the font size for the address on back saved us from a poor outcome (foil stamp on linen can be fussy.)

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations — particlarly with regard to quality and delivery?

BF: Yes!

Our Takeaway

Without even visiting Maison Inc’s showroom or meeting with their team, one look at their posh black linen folder will inspire confidence in their refined taste, aesthetic and capabilities. Such is the power of a tremendously well designed marketing collateral. Indeed, the folders would not be out of place amongst any of their luxurious designs.

The fact that their competition do not employ the same type of marketing material is even more impressive. It illustrates Maison, Inc’s concern for and attention to the detail. Whereas most would dismiss the presentation of samples and documents as trivial, they deemed it a significant part of their process, and hence took time, effort — and expence — to create a magnificent piece.

Image of The Shop at Maison Inc
The Shop at Maison Inc. Image credit: Maison, Inc.