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Folder Focus:

Realtor with admirable unorthodox approach and philosophy, utilizes sleek folders
that meld analog and digital world.


May 25, 2022

Keller Williams Anna Welch Pocket Folders

In our last real estate-centered blog, we featured a realtor group. In this edition, our focus will be on an individual agent. A realtor who describes her approach as unorthodox. This unorthodoxy is apparent even in the presentation folders that we produced for her, which is precisely what made us take notice.

Anna Welch is a top realtor with Keller Williams Realty Atlanta Perimeter in Atlanta, Georgia for whom we completed not one, but two folders. Two folders of different sizes. One is 9 x12 inches, the other, 6 x 9, and each, as you’ll learn later, serving a distinct purpose.

Both folders have a sleek design. The larger one with a particularly arresting look of solid black, which really makes the Keller Williams logo pop and stand out. But what really caught our attention is how Ms. Welch made full use of the pocket real estate (pun intended), and more impressively, the images that she placed on them: QR codes along with her picture and contact information. We found this to be quite unique; a perfect example of the melding of both analog (the folder itself for a more personal touch) and digital (the codes for easily accessible pertinent information).

So intrigued were we that we approached Anna for an interview to find out more about her approach. In doing so, we did, indeed, learn from her answers to our questions; however, what we did not expect was to discover and be astounded — to a certain degree, humbled — by her altruistic, zen-like philosophy.

FOLDERPRINTER WRITERS: We just saw your newest folder, and continued to be impressed. We do a lot a real estate folders, but yours was one of those that stood out. We really like the way you laid out your digital and contact elements and information.

Anna Welch: I am glad to hear! In my office everyone is impressed too! I am referring them to you as I go.


FPW: What problems or challenges in marketing or selling do the folders solve for you?

AW: Beautifully packaged information is always easier to look at. All people are attracted to beautiful things and when it comes to such a complicated industry as real estate, presenting complicated information in simpler and more appealing form awakes people’s desire to check the information out. It’s all about the “First impression” that we have only one chance at. I don’t want to miss that chance.

I don’t see other realtors as my competition but rather, teammates and partners. If I will be seeing another realtor as a competition, I will not be able to defend my client’s best interests but concentration on my own. That is a bad business. I alway look for win-win deal.

— Anna Welch

FPW: Do you use them mainly for selling, or is it for listing, or maybe just advertising?

AW: Small folders are for my buyers. It will contain Buyer’s Guide to understand the process of buying a home and my pledge to them. Large folders are for sellers. When I make my first appointment with sellers, I already have an extensive research on the home they are planing to sell. It’s more paperwork. It also will have a custom Seller’s Guide booklet for my sellers to understand the process. It is back to leaving that “First impression” I need any potential client to remember me. Folders is part of that job.

FPW: When do you hand them out during the selling/marketing cycle?

AW: All folders are handed out during marketing cycle. Some large folders I use for my use to carry my paperwork.

FPW: What are differences in use between the two sizes (6x9 vs 9x12)?

AW: Small ones for buyers, large ones for sellers.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

AW: For the larger folder: Seller’s Guide booklet. Inside the smaller folder, my homebuyers will find a detailed guide to buying a home in the form of a 50-page 5.5x8.5 booklet and some other letter size papers that are designed to be folded in half; my responsibilities to the client and my promises. Also, information of what kind of client they will be for me at what stage of the process.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Does it work?

AW: Folders for papers is like valet for money. It’s always helpful to be organized for the realtor and for the client. Folders are the useful tool to keep things in order. Being organized is part of professionalism.

I just think it’s an unorthodox way for a realtor, and it’s a an adorable size package that will make my prospects remember me.

FPW: Who designs your folders?

AW: I design every piece of my marketing myself. I am creative with the great sense of vision. My talents help me to stand out.

FPW: Do you know if your competition also employ the same type of folders?

AW: I don’t see other realtors as my competition but rather than teammates and partners. If I will be seeing another realtor as a competition, I will not be able to defend my client’s best interests but concentration on my own. That is a bad business. I alway look for win-win deal. If one party has to loose while another gains, it’s a bad deal, has bad karma for everyone involved including clients. Win-win or no deal. That can be achieved only if there is mutual respect for all parties.

FPW: How was your order experience with

AW: Your website was easy to use. I easily found the product I was looking for. Uploading my files, payment system, and proofing were also a breeze.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

AW: Yes, both in quality and timeliness. The colors — particularly the gray and black — came out as I intended them to be. I already recommended you to others.

Keller Williams Anna Welch Pocket Folder Open

Anna Welch's Keller Williams presentation folder, opened to show QR code and contact information on pockets.

Speaking of colors, as we were taking photos of Ms. Welch’s folders, Joe Anzai, our director of production, noticed the black folder and remarked that printing something that is predominantly black is not as easy as it would seem. In fact, if not done right, it will appear washed out. A problem that some printers run into.

According to Joe, in order to come up with a robust looking solid black image, a technique called “rich black” is employed. Since we print in four-color process, rich black is achieved by printing black ink that is also reinforced with lighter percentages of the other three colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow).

The right percentages of the other colors is equally critical. Too much of any one will result in a black that appears tinged with that particular color. From decades of experience, we’ve come up with the perfect formula, and all our machines are calibrated thusly.

We are glad that Ms. Welch is pleased with our work, but more than that, thankful for learning from her.