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Brand new public charter school taps Folderprinters to design and complete their first-ever custom presentation folders.


August 01, 2022

Artist rendering of Doral Acedemy campus front exterior

Artist rendering of Doral Acedemy campus front exterior

Marketing and K-12 are terms not normally associated with each other. However, just like any organization that needs to grow, schools — especially one that is just about to open its doors for the first time — need to get the word out to the public with the aim of enticing them to enroll their child.

One such school is Doral Academy in Texas, which is due to inaugurate and have their first-ever classes this August.

As part of their marketing outreach and branding efforts, they determined that presentation folders would be a useful and effective tool. But with all the other duties and responsibilities relating to preparations for the grand opening, they just did not have time for creative work sought to outsource the graphic design process for their folders. Enter Folderprinters.

As a leading manufacturer of custom presentation folders, our services go way beyond just printing the folders. We also offer professional graphic design services.

After initial contact and consultation session with Service and Support Coordinator, Jason Robaina, we designed, printed and completed Doral Academy's first custom presentation folders.

To get a deeper understanding of how schools use presentation folders, and how we can better market to them, we interviewed Assistant Principal, Ryan Salazar.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your organization and it’s specialty.

RYAN SALAZAR: Doral Academy of Texas is a Public Charter School with a focus on STEM curriculum. Opening in August of 2022 with a projected enrollment of 400+ students. We are currently enrolling in grades PK4-6th Grade in Buda Texas, students from the local school districts are eligible to apply. Please visit for more information.

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing/selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

RS: ​We use our folders for marketing purposes. Establishing a new charter school with no brand recognition in the state, these folders present the organization in a professional light.

FPW: Is it just for administrative purposes?

RS: No we use our folders primarily to help promote the campus.

FPW: When do you hand them out?

RS: We hand out our folders to prospective and registered families when they visit our office and use them at certain public events and locations depending on the occasion.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

RS: We usually place pertinent information for the target audience inside these folders, at child oriented events, we place informational flyers and instructions on how to apply/enroll, while at job fairs we place employee brochures and business cards inside of them.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Does it work?

RS: ​The folders have been effective for the purpose we purchased them for, to help promote our brand as professional and organized.

FPW: Did you like the design that was executed for you by our designer?

RS: We are throughly pleased with the design and the design process used by Folder Printers to help execute our idea.

FPW: What was your philosophy regarding the look? What did you want to convey in the design?

RS: The philosophy was to find a middle ground between sweet and simple and a more modern angular design that is fitting of an organization like ours.

FPW: Are these your first professionally printed folders? What made you decide to go with Folderprinters?

RS: These are our first professionally printed folders and we decided on Folderprinters due to being the most cost effective even with shipping costs and the ease of the deisgn process with conveying what we want and the edit process.

FPW: If not, had you been working with a printer, and what made you switch to folderprinters?

RS: ​We switched after looking online and finding the price for these folders were much more affordable then local and national printers/vendors.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

RS: Yes it did. They have been a great resource for us.

The Design Process and Evolution of Doral Academy's Presentation Folders

At the start of the design process, we were given direction and parameters by Jason. This included the type of graphic elements they liked, placement of the logo, and colors to use. Our professional graphics team then went to work and presented several design option renderings.

The final design was arrived at after two rounds of tweaks and revisions. The result was a look that conveyed Doral Academy’s image as a new yet formidable school where children of the area can get proper, fulfilling and quality education.

We take pride in every aspect and type of service that we offer — including graphics design. We are glad that Doral Academy was pleased with the design and of course the final product.

First proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders

First proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders.

Second proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders

Second proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders.

Third proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders

Third proposed design option for Doral Academy's presentation folders.

The approved design and actual printed custom folder

The approved design and actual printed custom folder.