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Wide array of standard configurations makes Discover Newport go with Folderpinters for their stylish presentation folders.


February 03, 2023

Image Discover Newport's Custom Folder with Castle Hill Lighthouse in background

Discover Newport's Custom Folder

Accurately adapting, rendering, or depicting an image or concept (be it artistic creation or reality) from one source to another is no easy task that deserves praise when it is successfully achieved. One such success was a project we completed for Discover Newport. Their folder design and imagery captured the spirit and essence the New England seaside city’s old-world charm, mystique, and bucolic scenery

We spoke with Natalie Manning, Discover Newport’s Creative Director to find out what part presentation folders plays in their overall operation and learn of their design philosophy and objectives for the piece.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your company/organization and it’s services and specialty

NATALIE MANNING: Discover Newport is a destination marketing organization. We promote both leisure and meetings travel to Newport, Rhode Island and eight surrounding coastal communities.

FPW: Who are your main customers?

NM: Our customers are leisure travelers of all ages. Our meetings/sales department targets corporate meeting planners looking for smaller group meetings.

Our folders complement our branding. The custom nature of the design and unique one-pocket design feature creates a great look that is always well-received.

— Natalie Manning

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing/selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

NM: Our custom folders are for marketing purposes. We’ve created a NEWPORT folder used primarily for media (travel journalists, bloggers, writers, etc.) to both inspire and include necessary itineraries, brochures, tickets, etc. We’ve also created a secondary folder that our Meetings/Sales team uses to hold information for visiting meeting planners.

FPW: When do you hand them out?

NM: Typically, at an in-person meeting with the media or meeting planner.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

NM: Brochures, tickets, itineraries.

Photo showing Inside panels of Discover Newport's custom folder
Inside panels of Discover Newport's custom folder.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective?

NM: Our folders complement our branding. The custom nature of the design and unique one-pocket design feature creates a great look that is always well-received.

FPW: Who designs your folders?

NM: Myself. I design and oversee all marketing materials.

FPW: Do you know if your competition also employ the same type of folders?

NM: I’ve typically not seen a folder like ours. I do feel the one-pocket design is less popular, but I like that about it – just gives the folder a more custom look.

FPW: Are these your first professionally printed folders? What made you decide to go with Folderprinters?

NM: I’ve been printing media folders for years. I always liked the one-pocket design but it has been costly. When I found Folderprinters options, I was thrilled to see they offer the one-pocket option without custom die-cutting charges!

FPW: Did you look at other folder sellers’ websites? What made you choose us?

NM: I chose for the one-pocket option and stock, coating options. Price was a factor as well.

FPW: What was your experience using the website? Was it easy to use?

NM: From ordering to template downloading, all very easy to navigate.

FPW: Did you easily find the product you were looking for?

NM: Yes.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

NM: The folders printed beautifully! I was especially pleased with the customer service as I had mistakenly forgot to order printing on the inside. A customer service person was quick to point out where I had clicked the wrong box when ordering and quickly fixed my order and adjusted payment accordingly. And the turnaround was very fast.

Our Takeaway

Most of the thousands of folder designs that we see go through our presses feel utilitarian and devoid of spirit. Rarely do we come across one like Discover Newport’s. The creative execution of their folders — from the choice of overall color, the stunning coastline picture and ghosted logo on the cover, to the smart use of the inside panel to showcase even more relevant imagery, down to the less cliché choice of having one pocket— proved equal to the task and added responsibility of imparting the feel of the their community with the aim of enticing visitors. Marketers, especially those who offer a tangible product, can take many lessons from the superb job they did.

Of the aforementioned single pocket, what we regarded as a standard product option, and hence thought was also the same across the industry, turned out not to be the case. As a leading national manufacturer of custom presentation folders, it gives us pride and pleasure to know that one of our product configurations helps clients like Discover Newport make their folders truly custom.

Image of Castle Hill coastline, Newport, Rhode Island.
Castle Hill coastline, Newport, Rhode Island. Image Credit: David Gleeson