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Award-winning event venue switches to Folderprinters to produce exquisitely designed
sales presentation folders.


July 29, 2022

Image of Agave Estates Presentation Folder

Folder Design of Agave Estates

As a leading national manufacturer of presentation folders, we complete thousands of projects for various clients from scores of industries. Always looking to learn from them, we keep an eye out for those that stand out in one way or another. One such recent project was that of Agave Estates, an award-winning event venue in Katy, Texas.

Their folder design caught our attention because it is one of the best picture montage layouts we’ve seen. From the images, we gleaned that Agave Estates is involved in the wedding industry. An industry that, we discovered from cursory research, is massive, but fiercely competitive. It therefore goes without saying that the players need to pull out all the marketing and sales stops to achieve success.

For such a momentous and treasured event for which some people end up spending close to 30% of their life's savings, the wedding venue — next only to the invitees — will, perhaps, have the most impact on the overall experience. In fact, a survey by David’s Bridal found that 75% brides put securing a venue at the top of their planning to-do list. Choosing the right one is therefore critical.

By using custom folders that provide images of weddings . . . it offers them the opportunity to visualize themselves standing at the altar and thus we book the event.

— Amanda Bayer

Our initial assumptions were confirmed by Amanda Bayer, marketing director for Agave Estates, whom we approached for an interview. From her, we learned that their main customers are engaged couples, and that the folders are designed with them in mind.

We asked how presentation folders help in the process, to which Amanda replied, “Our business is sold based upon an ‘experience’ and ‘painting the picture’ of possibility for the potential client. By using custom folders that provide images of weddings, it allows the customer to visualize the venue long after the in-person tour has ended. By giving them a glimpse of what a wedding day has looked like, it offers them the opportunity to visualize themselves standing at the altar and thus we book the event.”

She further added that the folders, in whose pockets rental price sheets and other informative materials are inserted, are given to the prospective clients after they have completed a tour of the venue.

Agave Estates Folder Back Cover
Back cover of Agave Estates' folder featuring image of venue.
The design of Agave Estates’ folder featuring a montage of pictures succeeds in its aim to "allow the customer to visualize the venue and themselves standing at the altar ." No simple task to be sure, since most montage layouts end up looking disjointed. Kudos to Ms. Bayer who, besides being marketing director, also performs graphic design duties.

Being a vital part of their sales process, we wondered if this was Agave Estates’ first professionally printed folders, and why they trusted Folderprinters to fulfill it for them. Amanda revealed that they had previously been working with another folder vendor whose printing quality and turn around time had deteriorated, while their prices increased.

Having come across Folderprinters by way of online search, they decided to give us a try. Initially basing their decision on our extremely competitive pricing. Amanda shared that they easily found the product they were looking for and that the whole ordering process was made easier and much more pleasant with the help of one of our customer service team members.

While we are obviously biased in our admiration of the final product, what really counts is the customer’s final judgement. In this regard, we were elated to hear that Amanda and her team at Agave are absolutely satisfied with the quality of the folders that we delivered on time, as promised.

Photo of actual wedding held at Agave Estates
Actual wedding held at Agave Estates.