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Folder Focus: LIQUIBOX

Forward thinking company with admirable vision and mission uses folders within its family.


December 15, 2022

Image of Liquibox's Folder

Liquibox's Welcome Folder.

After its design, the second item that caught our attention in a recent custom folder project was the company’s name: Liquibox. Always wanting to now what industries use our products, we just had to contact them to learn more.

The company’s business and how they use custom folders was a bit of a surprise. More than that, however, what we found out has helped inspire us to do even better as an organization – especially internally.

By and large, most of the custom presentation folders that we complete for clients are used for marketing or sales purposes, and thus given to their own customers. Which made us iniially assume that Liquibox used theirs in the same manner. Little did we know to whom they hand out theirs closer to home: new employees.

FOLDERPRINTERS WRITERS: Please describe your company and its services.

LIQUIBOX TEAM: Liquibox is advancing a new era of sustainable performance, with an intensified commitment to minimizing environmental impact without sacrificing quality to deliver solutions that protect products and the world we live in. We have a global reach while maintaining a strong culture that unites our employees and values the contributions each individual brings to our organization. Our solutions are designed for the full spectrum of liquid packaging needs—from bag-in-box, pouches and bottles to fitments and dispensing solutions for rigid and flexible containers, fillers and more.

FPW: Who are your main customers?

LT: Liquibox is a B2B business selling our products into a multitude of different markets such as: beverage, liquid food, non-food, beverage, e-commerce, ready packaging, flexible, and packaging customers.

FPW: What purpose do your folders generally serve? Is it for marketing or selling? If so, What problems or challenges in marketing, selling do the folders solve for you?

LT: The folders purchased from Folderprinters are used for new hires' packets to organize their company policies, benefits information, and other new hire paperwork.

FPW: When do you hand them out?

LT: Upon hire to all new hires.

FPW: What items do you put inside the pockets?

LT: Company policies, benefits, & documents they can reference later.

FPW: Have the folders proven to be effective? Do they work?

LT: Yes, this makes the organization of the new hire forms much easier & gives new employees a place to store documents.

FPW: Who designed your folders?

LT: Our internal Liquibox marketing team.

FPW: Are these your first professionally printed folders? What made you decide to go with Folderprinters?

LT: Yes, the ability to get quality folders in different quantities outside of a set standard (i.e. 500, 1K), design aspect and availability.

FPW: Did you look at other folder sellers’ websites? What made you choose us?

LT: Yes, order quantity options, custom color matching options for branding.

FPW: What was your experience using our website? Was it easy to use?

LT: Great experience, prompt service, excellent product quality. - Order process Easy to place and prompt follow up from sales team to share production specification for design detail, reorder was even easier. - Uploading Easy, representative allowed direct email for ease of service. - Payment Very easy to make payment once order was fully placed and mock design was approved.

FPW: Did the final product meet your expectations?

LT: Yes!

Our Takeaway

While most businesses understandably put a lot of effort in presenting their best foot forward to clients or benefactors— presentation folders being one tool — Liquibox’s practice of giving them out to new hires as part of a welcome set is quite admirable. One can’t help but get a sense that they truly care about the people in their organization. Those employees, in turn, would feel welcome to the fold, and look forward to a pleasant woking environment. Having such a feeling at the onset, chances are that those employees will be motivated to do and give their best.